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2018.03.22. 12:41
Hi therewith !
Winter has come and We have now prepared presents for you personally:
two 400$ - prize fund!
1 000$ - to start with place prize!

Here is whatever they say about us and some critiques:
Grand Casino Hotel & Resort
Tournament on bets amount of money
Game titles: Slot and Keno
Participating in tournament: guess from 0.01$

Conditions and procedures of tournament:
- The player receives instantly into Event desk and will become It truly is participant regardless of if this wager wins or no.
- For winning in Event It's a necessity to generate the utmost quantity of bets.
- If two or even more members contain the same bets volume, the higher position usually takes who bought it to start with.
- A table reveals: area while in the Event, login of each participant and the result of wager sum.
- The column «Prize» has two formats of prizes: the 1st for all players, the 2nd for Vip players.
- Reward prizes are accrued with wager 35 for all gamers and 30 for Vip gamers.

Ideal regards,

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2018.03.22. 10:54

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2018.03.22. 02:35
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2018.03.22. 02:08
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2018.03.21. 15:21
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2018.03.21. 10:23
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2018.03.20. 19:34
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2018.03.20. 15:22
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2018.03.20. 09:27 -Ижевск Где Гай Стоят(ИГГС)

Játsszon velünk, töltse ki ezt a játékszelvényt és megtudja, hogy Ön-e a következő szerencsés, aki a nevével és email címével egy 3 napos 2 főre szóló villányi utazást nyer félpanzióval. Jelentkezzen!


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